Stand by Generators

Everyone knows how disrupting it is to have a power outage at their home. If you are searching for a Maryland electrician that can asses the need for, and install stand by generators; then your search stops with Cross Electrical Contractors. Stand by generators will provide power for your home when the normal electrical utility has a power outage.

One of the first questions you need to consider with the installation of  residential stand by generators is, “what size generator do I need to power my home?” The answer to that question comes after you determine what exactly you want to remain powered when the normal utility has an outage. The more things you want to stay powered will increase the size of the generator needed for that task. Stand by generators come in kilowatt or KW sizes (14KW, 18KW, 20KW  etc…) Most people want their stand by generators to power the circuits that control the heating and air conditioning, kitchen,fridge, and general lighting and receptacles. Other people want their stand by generators to power everything in their home.

What ever your need for stand by generators is, Cross Electric is here for you. Our generator services include but are not limited to:

  • Initial consultation and assessment of electrical needs
  • Generator installation
  • Generator panel installation
  • Automatic transfer switch installation

Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. is the only place you need to go when you are interested in stand by generators in Maryland. We provide excellent service every step of the way, from the first visit to the final installation. Contact Cross Electric today for a FREE assessment and price quote for your new stand by generator.