The best way to guarantee that your home renovation is a stress free success, is to hire a trustworthy, reliable contractor to handle the job. If you are in need of an electrician in Baltimore, Annapolis, or surrounding Counties in Maryland contact Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc.

We offer the very competitive prices for all your electrical home renovation needs. While other contractors amaze you with LOW, LOW prices up front; they always seem to have a lot of extra and “unforeseen” charges by the end of the job. Our Maryland electricians have successfully completed dozens of renovation projects in Maryland, and this experience give us the advantage to see the “unforeseen”. When you contact us for a free price quote, then that is what you get, “a price quote.” We thoroughly go over every aspect of your electrical home renovation project to ensure that all is covered, and there are no surprises.

Our experience in home renovations includes but is not limited to:
•    Kitchen lighting
•    Kitchen power
•    Bathroom lighting
•    Bathroom power
•    Interior relocation of existing electric
•    Additional circuit for new appliances
•    Whole house additions
•    Whole house rewiring
•    Finished basements
•    Additions of hot tubs
•    Service upgrades
•    Additional phone wiring
•    Additional Cable or Satellite wiring
•    Additional home security device installations
•    Exterior lighting and power

When undertaking a home renovation, you always have to consider the local codes for the trade you are contracting. As our electricians serve Baltimore, Annapolis, and surrounding Counties in Maryland, we always make it our business to fully know and adhere to all national and local codes. Most counties have different codes and regulation pertaining to home renovations that can and do affect the work being performed, as well as the overall cost of your project. In Baltimore City, the amount of home renovation you do can force you to bring your entire electrical system up to the current code specifications. This can force your electrical work to expand beyond your original intentions. To know these things upfront, and before you sign a contract can potentially save you thousands of dollars in work. Cross Electric fully informs all of our clients on every aspect of the job, so the can make a well educated decision before they commit themselves to any project

If you are looking for a skilled and trustworthy electrician in Baltimore, Annapolis, or surrounding counties in Maryland, that will keep you informed every step of the way; then contact Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. today for a free price quote.