New Construction

Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. is the first choice in new construction projects when it comes to electrical wiring and installations in Maryland. Our skilled electricians provide outstanding service in Baltimore, Annapolis, and surrounding Counties in Maryland.


When you need an electrical contractor with the skills required to bring you commercial project to a successful completion, you must start with a successful beginning. With over 15 years experience in the industry, Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. heads off every job with complete and thorough plan reviews and verification to insure that all ground work is done to exact specifications. When your building project is relying on precise execution of the installation of underground electrical conduits, you NEED qualified contractor performing these tasks. Even being off “1 inch” could mean hundreds if not thousands in back charges and or repairs to correct the problem. Our Maryland electricians have the knowledge and work ethic to ensure that all of our installations are carried out with 100% accuracy.


Cross Electric understands the importance of meeting dead lines for all of our electrical projects. If you have had issues with other Maryland electrical contractors, then those issues stop with us. Our job foreman are constantly updating our office with daily and weekly progress reports so that all schedules stay on schedule if not ahead of schedule. We continuously succeed in getting all projects done safely, and correctly.


“Safety first”? Our motto is “Quality first, safety, always!” Cross electric believes that all jobs can be done, successfully, while adhering to all OSHA safety rules and regulations, as well as the general contractor’s rules and regulations. We have come to know that all jobs move along more smoothly and to a rewarding completion when all workers involved do their part to make the entire job site a safe working environment.