Electric Service

When the electrical service to your home needs to be installed, is in need of repair or upgrading ,and you are looking in Baltimore or surrounding counties in Maryland for a quality electrician, contact Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. We offer affordable pricing and we are experts in all aspects of the residential electrical service.

Our Baltimore electricians have the answers to all your electrical needs when it comes to your electrical service. If you think, or you know that your service is in need of repair we have the skills to asses the problem and get the job done right. Just contact Cross Electric and we will come out and do a full safety inspection of your home’s electrical service FREE of charge. After we determine what the problem is, if any, we will provide you with the safest and most cost effective way to solve your electrical problems. If no problem is found, then there is no charge, and you can feel secure that Maryland’s premier residential electricians have certified your electrical system to be safe and in proper working order.

If you need more power for your home due to additions or new electrical needs then Cross Electric can upgrade your electrical service to give you all the power you will need to keep things running smooth in your home. Our Baltimore based electrical company knows all local and state codes as well as being proficient in all the proper wiring methods  to install you new service upgrade. Our electricians are well trained in completing the job with as little interruptions to your home’s power as possible. We handle all aspects of the project from beginning to end, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We always pull the required permits and handle all paper work with BGE so your project is done right from start to finish. For a free price quote for your next electrical; project, contact Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. today.