Affordable Generator Installation


Standard gasoline fueled, portable generator

Many people in Baltimore are sick of constantly losing power for their homes and need to find a Maryland electrician to provide an affordable generator installation. Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. is here for the people of Baltimore Maryland and surrounding Counties, and we provide the reliable and affordable generator installation that you are looking for.

Many companies out there will take advantage of wide spread power outages by overselling to people far and above what they really need for back up power. Cross Electric is here to show you that there are more cost effective ways to have back up power for your home. Permanently installed standby generators can be expensive to install and are sometimes the best option; but portable generator hookups are a more affordable generator installation that may be all you need. Portable generators can feed a few or several critical circuits in your home, and in some cases, they can supply power to your entire home. This affordable generator installation is often overlooked by homeowners and far to often ignored by greedy contractors. It is our goal to provide to our customers, the most affordable and cost effective solution for their generator needs.

So if you live in Baltimore or other surrounding Counties in Maryland, and you are looking for an affordable generator installation, then contact Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. today. Simply fill out the ” apply online” form on the right side of this page and someone will contact you to schedule an appointment for a free price quote. We will go over all your needs and provide you with the best and most affordable generator installation in Maryland.