Tri State Electricians

Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. is a full service, Tri Sate electrical company in North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee that provides a wide variety of electrical services for both residential and commercial applications in the surrounding counties of the Tri State area. We pride ourselves in giving all customers the most dependable and best electrical service at competitive prices. To know that you have contracted the very best, at the very best price, is to know that Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. is on the job.


At Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. we believe in the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” but that does not mean you have to break the bank to get the very best. Our Tri State electricians give you excellent workmanship and customer service at a price you can afford. Granted, some electrical projects are expensive, but we make sure our clients are fully aware of all costs before the job begins. Most everyone has a budget, and most of the time we can find multiple solutions to give our clients different pricing options to achieve their project goals and stay within their budget.


Our Tri State electricians are thoroughly educated in the field under a master electrician, as well as in the classroom. Our electricians are required to successfully pass a four year apprenticeship program. Many “electricians” do not feel the need for classroom education, but at Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. we feel that is a vital part of becoming a qualified and skilled electrician. We also require that all employees in the field as well as in the office take continuing education classes so that everyone is current on all new codes and wiring methods. This is just one of the ways that Cross Electric gives you the best electrical work in Maryland.


Some of the biggest complaints that our Tri State electricians hear from new clients is how most contractors don’t show up when they say, or don’t return phone calls. Cross Electric believes in total communication with our clients. Our customers enjoy, as well as deserve, the respect that their Tri State electricians show them by always keeping them informed about every aspect of their job, such as:

* Confirming appointments.
* Immediate contact if any problems arise.
* Showing up when we say, and on time.
* Courtesy calls with project updates.
* Supplying clients upon request with copies of all County and local utilities paperwork for their records.


While our electricians serve the surrounding counties in the Tri State area, we know that electrical construction is sometimes a dirty job. We also know, and pay special attention to what every job site looks like before we begin our work, so we can make sure that the job is left in the exact same condition as before our electricians arrived on site. No matter if the job is in a new vacant building, an occupied home, or an occupied business, Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. takes the time to thoroughly clean up the mess we make. It makes for more efficient and safe working conditions in vacant buildings, and causes less disruption for our client’s home or business.

When you need a quality electrical contractor, in North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, you should look no further than Cross Electrical Contractors, Inc. Our Tri State electricians are ready to give you the honest, and affordable electrical work to make all your electrical projects a success. Contact us for a FREE price quote today.